Luxe for Less

I am always on the lookout for great discount sites. Especially when they involve luxury items! Shop Hers is one of the better shopping sites that I have found in quite a long time so I figured I would share the wealth (pun intended).

Shop Hers is basically a luxury item resale boutique. The authenticity is guaranteed and you can buy and sell items. They have an amazing selection and searching through items is very easy. You can even go through a small questionnaire to find your “Style Soulmate.” In other words, someone who is your size and has similar taste. And did I mention that sometimes they even have sales and discount codes?

If you are looking for a couture piece, check out Below is just a small preview of what is available on the site today! 🙂

29c0b8e040a5011efa38d1ca390e62c29681bc97 70d91b410f2ef59ef7317682fa54fa9ca3a6330d 9743b4263a1966c37f6de574fe790a414042ced0 af3c786be048b94b44741448b6585bfa0a8c035f b233d288316db9f450f53a1c0e0f50ad07bdc52e





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