Painted Floors

After reading a recent post in House Beautiful, I decided to do a little research on painted floors. At first, the idea of painted floors seemed cheesy and cheap to me and conjured up ideas of a painted garage floor. However, it seemed interesting to me how many well respected designers were using this technique. I must admit, my initial reaction was completely wrong and unfounded as there are some beautiful floors in chevron patterns, faux stone, and stencil – just to name a few. Check out these impressive floors. What are your thoughts?

Alex Papachristidis'A handpainted finish can create the look of inlay. (Alex Papachristidis via Elle Decor)

nick olsen hbA bold graphic pattern completely changed this formerly drab space. (Nick Olsen via House Beautiful)

miles reddThe color king creates a graphic pattern the resembles marble. (Miles Redd via Elle Decor)

Bunny Williams - HBBunny Williams via House Beautiful

celerie kemble hbCelerie Kemble via Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber elle decorJeffrey Bilhuber via Elle Decor



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