Need a Personal Stylist? Try one for free!

Over the holidays I was browsing through the massive amount of magazines that I receive and stumbled upon a great website, Keaton Row. Keaton Row is a service to match you with a personalized stylist. When you sign up for the styling service, you must fill out basic information and upload a photo of yourself. From there, you are matched with three stylists. Each stylist has a profile page where you can check out their style and inspiration to help you make your choice. The stylists shop looks for you (at no charge) from retailers such as Nordstrom and Shop Bop. You lookbook gets sent to you and all you have to do is click to purchase the pieces you want! It is so easy! I recently got matched with an awesome stylist named Lilli who created 10 super cute looks for me. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

813d373476e065d2002cc0427333bb0aSam Edelman booties

734556de6ffea7e1b395269fde540147Helmut Lang jacket

bb0195e4af89eded5cdf8241395ec928Loeffler Randall Snakeskin bag

a3650950dffb5469aac602e7f9fe6f6eCitizens of Humanity ‘Racer’ Low Rise Coated Jeans (Black Coated)



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