Top 5 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time to pack away the Halloween decorations and begin thinking about turkey day! I like to change up my holiday decor a little each year with a mixture of store bought items and DIY items. Here are my top 5 decor plans for the upcoming holiday!

1. White Pumpkins:

Whether you paint your pumpkin or are able to procure a more rare albino pumpkin, the lack of bright orange helps to create a look of elegance. You can simply use the pumpkins on their own, or add a little something special.

white 4

white 3

white 2

white 1

2. DIY Mantel Decorations

Although I currently do not have a mantle (those are pretty hard to come by in NYC!), I love the look of elegant yet rustic mantel decorations.

mantel 1

mantel 2

mantel 3

mantel 4

3. Use Metallic!

A little sparkle can go a long way to helping you create a glamorous table scape. Whether you paint pumpkins and pine cones or simply use elegant serving pieces with a touch of metallic, a little silver and gold is sure to impress your guests.

metallic 1via

metallic 2

metallic 3

metallic 4

4. Chic Favors

To make Thanksgiving unforgettable for your guests, give them a little take home gift. Favors do not have to be elaborate, just well thought through to create impact.


708c9a0228b82285f7ed3d1ea54e454fFill cute metal containers with potpourri or herbal tea


0f82605defceacef90d5999c12896902A cute store purchased bag filled with goodies such as hot cocoa mix.

5. A signature drink!

pumpkin martini

Pumpkin Martini


All images unless otherwise noted are via Pinterest.

Have a wonderful Monday!



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