Uprise Art – For a New Generation of Art Collectors

After attending the Affordable Art Fair on Manhattan’s west side yesterday, I came away with a new source for beautiful artwork! Uprise Art is an online gallery that includes the works of upcoming and established contemporary artists. Uprise has a unique membership model.

Membership is free. You simply invest $50/piece per month, purchasing artwork in installments over time. For example: if you select two pieces, your monthly investments are $100/month.  All your investments are applied towards the purchase price. Even as your artist’s prices increase, you are always investing towards the original price. This means your investments are 100% interest-free. It’s a perk of being an early investor in that artist. The invest-to-own service is optional; Members and non-members alike can purchase artwork outright as well.

Art is very personal but here are some of my favorite pieces from their online gallery:

Will HutnickPiece by Will Hutnick

Erin Lynn WelshErin Lynn Welsh

Colleen Ho Ripped Paper DrawingRipped Paper Drawing by Colleen Ho

Persuasion #2  - Anne HarperAnnie Harper

SONY DSCAmelia Midori Miller

I encourage you to check out Uprise Art at http://www.upriseart.com




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