Bachelor Pad Interior Design – A Blank Canvas!

I am currently working on the re-design of a bachelor pad living room. This project is a blank canvas at the moment and is absolutely exciting! One of my client’s requirements is to have a bar area in his living room. There is an open area that is somewhat of a “dead space” and I am in the midst of planning how to lay out this portion of the room. We have opted against doing a simple bar cabinet as my client wants the bar area to include seating. Here are some inspirational images that I have found on Houzz today.  I know the idea will come to me suddenly, but currently I am struggling with how to create this feature in a relatively small space! Here are my starting ideas..


I really like the geometric effect of this style and we could incorporate his small wine refrigerator.





Here are some inspirational photos for the style direction that I plan to go. My client is very insistent on having comfort and livability. Here are my initial concept images.





This is my favorite image!



Thank you for reading!





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