What I’m Pinning…

Yesterday, after I arrived home from Spain, Pinterest sent me a teaser email since I hadn’t logged in for almost 2 weeks! Must be a record. It was time to get re-inspired and get back into the swing of things so naturally I went on a pinning spree. Here are some of my favorite pins; some of which are for current clients, some are holiday inspiration, and some are just photos that I like.

runner greek key2_thumb[2]I love the pattern and monochromatic look of this greek key runner! And the cat is pretty cute too..

jamesthomasllcWine tasting room by James Thomas LLC. I love the rustic-refined look of this room. This is exactly the look I am going for during the renovation of my apartment!

2Everything about this room is perfect. I love the soft colors and textures used in the room paired with the more bold abstract art piece.

1Using wallpaper on the ceiling is a trend that I am really liking. The gold and navy combination here is beautiful.

4109b8995d81620dbb1eb24ed8c2030fI am in love with this little object by Regina Andrew. I just purchased two for my apartment. I can’t wait for them to be delivered!

1d5c7638fec76d1feeb0f4a53728848dFall is one of my favorite times of year. This centerpiece perfectly captures the essence between summer and fall.

c4cf86b74669b673997914b97627b540I will definitely be trying this for my next Fall party to chill the wine!

8f3902741bf1c018b8dffe55a54b47c0Chillier weather calls for more cozy outfits and darker lips!

Have a great week!



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