Temporary Wallpaper

After spending most of this past Sunday at NYNOW trade show, I came home with many fun, new resources for my clients. One of my favorites was Tempaper, a temporary wallpaper company. They offer a wide variety of self-adhesive, peel and stick wallpaper designs. This was a great find for me as many of my clients live in rental apartments and don’t want to be left with the hassle of removing the wallpaper when it is time to move out. I think this is also an easier sell for clients because it is removable! This takes the fear out of hanging it. Here are some of my favorite prints from Tempaper (www.tempaperdesigns.com)

MarrakeshMarrakesh Collection

Honeycomb CollectionHoneycomb Collection

Edie CollectionThe Edie Collection

After discovering Tempaper, I did some research and found these cool temporary wallpaper sites:

Casart Wallcovering


groovy gate


Brett Design Inc




Thank you for reading!






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