Pretty in Pink…Interior Design Edition

Pink is one of my most favorite colors. Although I love this color, I often struggle in how to use it without seeming childish or out-dated. Here are some beautiful inspiration photos using pink in a modern, chic way. What are your thoughts on pink in interior design?















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8 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink…Interior Design Edition

  1. If you are trepidatious about using blush or pink in your interiors, limit its use to a small space. A powder room or ladies’ closet done in pale pink can be quite ticklish.
    Many warm whites have pink undertones and can be used to highlight and flatter several skin tones.
    For bolder uses, I tend to channel Dolce and Gabbana, who pair pink with gold, fuschia, and black and white. Donna Karan layers light, yet warm shades of pink with neutrals such as beige, brown and taupe.
    When feeling really glamorous, hot shades of fuschia in multiple textures can feel quite bollywood and exotic. Try pairing with navy and metallics.
    My personal space is grounded with pink flooring via an antique patchwork rug. Walls done in Lantern Light by Sherwin Williams, and pops of animal print ensure a truly eclectic presentation. See my small space online on youtube:
    Good luck. When in doubt, consult a professional or begin with small accents, including a vase of fresh pink florals.

  2. I think there are a lot of designers that really love pink and struggle on where we can pop this in without overusing it or creating an overly feminine room and offending males. I think the use of brighter, bolder pink tones can work in commercial and retail settings, especially when paired with other bold colors. Take a look here for some inspiration on pink accent walls and furniture in the workplace

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