A Look Forward – Interior Design Color Trends for 2014

Even though we still have four months remaining in 2013, it is time to begin looking forward to what will be trendy in 2014!  Pantone has put out its predictions for color and home trends for 2014. My favorite by far is “Eccentricities.” According to http://www.pantone.com, “There is always room for an eccentric palette with a personality that defies the established “rule book” of design and color, bringing with it a sense of adventure, wit, experimentation and discovery. It’s “tongue in cheek” in attitude and highly original in color juxtapositioning and cleverly conceived in evocative combinations – a flash of neon green radiates off of zesty lemon or nectarine combines with a daredevil Skydiver blue. Fudgesickle brown is rendered sweeter with Strawberry Ice. A warm red coexists with its cooler counterpart, while black and/or white can be drawn into any combination.”

The Eccentricities color palate:


I love the juxtaposition of bright, contrasting colors that evokes almost a Warhol style. Using these bright colors in a design truly makes a space unforgettable and unique. However, going super bold can seem scary at first, so start with a neutral “canvas” and add as you go. Here is some design inspiration on how to incorporate the bold palate of Eccentricities into your space.

garrison hullinger

(Garrison Hullinger) This is a classic example of beginning with a neutral palate and adding bright accent pieces to create interest.


Even though this space uses many bright colors, it still feels serene and calming.


The graphic pattern in this space helps to create a young, fun vibe.


Rebecca James



In this space, the bedding and headboard almost act as the neutral, letting the eye rest against the pink wall.


Laurie Flower



Laurie Flower

What is your favorite trend for 2014?



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