Drapery Window Treatment 101

Unless you are living under a rock, most likely you have windows in your living space and have been confronted with the decision on how to best dress them! There are many different types of window treatments to choose from considering the look you desire and the amount of coverage you need. Today we are going to explore the different types of drapery that can be used in your space.

Drapery is probably the most common type of window treatment. This type of window treatment is sold in panels and those panels have a constructed top portion which allows them to be hung from a drapery hardware rod. The constructed top might consist of pleats, tabs, attached rings, grommets, snaps, or other unusual headings.

Pinch Pleat

Traditional pinch pleats take three folds of fabric sewn together for a pleat that fans out on the top and bottom. It is also possible to do a single or double pinch pleat depending on your preference.



Goblet Pleat –

Tiny pleats are caught with a stitch several inches down from the top of the drape, creating a cup-shaped fabric poof.



Pencil Pleat –

Pencil-pleating tapes are sewn to the back with strings that cinch up the fabric into elongated pleats. Use this treatment for stationary panels only.



Box Pleat –

Box pleats are another beautifully tailored treatment for stationary panels.




Swags are pieces of fabric loosely slung and draped over a decorative rod or wound over a tieback at each corner of a window frame to add a little style and softness in your room.

swags & Draperies

Tab Top-

A panel or valance with loops sewn to the top, which can be hung from a rod or pole.

tab top

Rod Pocket-

Any type of pole can be covered with rod-pocket panels. These are easy to make at home and can be detailed with ribbon or fabric borders, tassels, or tiebacks.


Eyelet –

Also called grommet curtains. This design is simple, casual and has been popular for a long time. With eyelet heading, you can adjust the width of your curtain easily.



Have a wonderful day!



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