How to Create a Gallery Wall

I love the way a gallery wall creates a focal point for a design and I love the way it looks when it is executed correctly! A gallery wall must be well thought out before purchasing and hanging the art otherwise it could end up looking like a disaster! Here are a few tips on creating a well designed gallery wall of your own.

slim paley

Step 1: Create a diagram to play with layout options.

This is very simple. Just start playing around with shapes and sizes of frames. This way you will have a starting point as to the type of gallery wall you would like to create in relation to the size of the wall.

Here are some ideas for layouts –

via pintrest

via Pintrest

Step 2: Create the layout on the wall using tape and paper.

via simply seleta


There are fairly standard frame sizes that most big box stores will carry. Use these sizes to create cut-outs of the design you created on paper and tape them to the wall so you can visualize what the wall will look like when you are finished.

Step 2: Purchase the frames.

Make sure you take into consideration the finish of the frame and the matting. A variation of style and matte can help create visual interest. You can find many frames in varying sizes and finishes at IKEA if you are looking to stay within a budget.


Step 3: Hang the frames.

Use a measuring tape, a level, a hammer, hooks and a pencil to hang the frames in the spaces that you taped onto the wall. A flat head screw driver also came in handy to bend open the little metal pieces that hold the back board of the frame in place.

in my own style


Step 4: Collect art and fill your frames with pieces you love.

Investing in and collecting the art to fill your frames can be the costly and most time consuming part of the project. One idea is to get the structure up first and purchase or create the art over time. One of the constraints of creating the framed collage before selecting the art is that you’re confined to the size of the frames you’ve hung, although in many cases a custom mat is all you need to remedy variations in size.



Viola! A beautiful gallery wall!




Have a great day and try to stay cool!



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