Monochromatic Monday

Happy Monday everyone! While flipping through my many shelter magazines, I am always drawn to beautifully created monochromatic rooms. This style is gentle on the eye and quickly establishes a mood for the interior. Here are some tips on how to create a dynamic (read not boring!) monochromatic room.

elle decor

via Elle Decor

1. Select a color on the color wheel. Next, select 2-3 more colors that are slightly lighter or darker. In the end, you should have a light, medium and dark tone of the color you selected. These colors can be used to add depth to the design. For example, you can paint one focal wall in a deeper shade than the other three walls. Or you can create interest by varying the hues of the accessories. The key to a monochromatic design is to layer.






2. Add textures. By varying the textures of the fabrics and accessories, you add visual interest and personality by defining each piece. Combine smooth woods, woven textiles, and plush fabrics. Throw a shiny silk pillow on a chenille couch. Put a thick sisal rug on a glossy floor. Texture is a great way to add life to a monochromatic scheme.

tobi fairly

Tobi Fairly via House Beautiful

sean penoyer

Sean Penoyer


viceroy hotel

Viceroy Hotel


3. Lighting adds strength and dimension to a monochromatic interior with soft wall washing, reading lights and table and floor lamps creating pools of warm light. Make sure the room is lit from all levels. The lights and the shadows will add depth to the room.


Have a wonderful week!



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