Al Fresco Friday…

We are full fledged into summer now which means plenty of outdoor parties and cookouts! Nothing is better than gathering with great friends to share a meal outdoors on a Saturday evening in mid-summer. As the weekend sets in, it got me thinking about all the great outdoor decor I have been seeing on Facebook and Pintrest. As with any event you may host, there are preparations you can do to help make the event a success. Want a beautiful event where all of your guests are effortlessly having a fabulous time? Follow these tips below.



1. Prepare your space.

Make sure your grass is freshly mowed and trimmed and you have removed all weeds and debris. A well manicured lawn makes for a perfect canvas for a great party!


2. Display fresh cuttings.

Adding a little life into the party before it even starts! You can use fresh flowers, herbs, twigs..Whatever might fit your aesthetic.




3.  Set up seating.

Make sure there are enough seats for everyone. This will encourage people to linger and chat. If you don’t have enough chairs, simply set up areas on the grass that people can sit.




4. Choose the right music!

Make sure the music will provide upbeat and entertaining background music and is not too loud or overwhelming.

5. Choose food that everyone can enjoy.

Make sure to include a variety of choices such as meats, fish, veggies and fruits. This way everyone will be included and no one will go hungry!


real simple1


6. Prepare food in advance.

This is an obvious one and will help alleviate stress.

7. Set up outdoor lighting.

Make sure you set enough soft light that your guest will be able to easily see, but not feel as though they are put under a spotlight.

real simple


8. Keep pests away!

This is super important as you want your guests to be comfortable. Get creative on ways to display your citronella candles!



Last step: Enjoy your soiree!



Happy Friday and have a great weekend!




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