Painting A Room…What Type Should You Use?

Most of us begin our redecorating journey with trying to choose a paint color. We make our way to the local hardware store and stare at the myriad of paint colors in front of us. Do we want dove white or cream white? Decisions! While the color of the paint is certainly important to create the desired mood, the type of paint is of utmost importance as well. In this article I am going to explore the different finishes of paint available for interior uses and what type is best for certain applications. The type of paint basically refers to how the paint reflects light. Now, let’s take a look.

Matte Paint:



This type of paint is, as the name suggests, matte. There is no sheen or shine to this type of paint. It is best used in rooms in which you do not want any visual distractions, which is great for uneven or imperfect walls. This type of paint is also fairly easy to apply, typically only requiring one coat of paint. The downside of this type of paint is that it can show marks easily. Although some scuffs can be removed using a damp cloth, this type of paint does need to be touched up quite often.

Matte Enamel Paint:

Matte enamel paint is the “stronger cousin” of basic matte paint. It appears similar in finish to standard matte paint, but it is more easily cleaned and does not require as much touch up. Therefore this type of paint is good for use in kitchens.

Eggshell Paint:

Eggshell paint has a slight sheen to its finish; similar to the shell of an egg, hence the name. Eggshell is perfectly suitable for interior walls however always remember that any type of sheen will bring out imperfections. If there are patch marks on the wall they will more noticeable than if matte paint were used. Eggshell is also not recommended for super high traffic areas as it is not easily scrubbed.

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Satin Paint:

The finish of satin paint is not quite that of gloss, but has more sheen than matte. Satin has a similar type of sheen to eggshell and the robust quality of gloss. This type of paint is very durable and is easily cleaned.

 Ben Moore China White homebunch

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Semi-gloss has a gloss to its finish although not quite as shiny as high gloss. This type of paint is perfect for high traffic areas. It is very durable and easy to clean. Most often used on trim work, this paint can be used on interior walls but care must be taken to smooth the walls before application.

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This type of paint is regularly used on trim. Gloss paint can be beautiful on ceilings and walls and help light bounce across the room creating stunning interiors. However gloss can be difficult to apply correctly. Care should be taken to apply a base coat before the glossy paint to ensure a smooth surface. Glossy paint typically covers more per can than matte paint yet it also take more time to fully dry. Take this into account when planning your timing.

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plushpalate1_thumb[2] desire to decorate

Painting your home is a great way to revitalize and modernize its interior. Now that you have chosen your color and finish, it’s time to get started!

Have a great Thursday!



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