How to Create a Dynamic Focal Point with your Headboard

I think everyone can agree that interior design’s principal enemy is boredom. In order to avoid a drab design, you must follow universally used design principles to create a harmonious and cohesive look. In addition to unity, balance, scale/proportion, hierarchy, and contrast/similarity is the one principle we are going to focus on in this post – dominance/emphasis. Dominance and emphasis is created by employing contrasting size, positioning, color, style, or shape. In most instances, the easiest way to create emphasis is through the use of a focal point in the room. The focal point should dominate the design with scale and contrast without sacrificing the unity of the whole.

 A well-designed room always has one or more focal points. A focal point must be dominant to draw attention and interesting enough to encourage the viewer to look further. Therefore a focal point must have a lasting impression but must also be an integral part of the design related through other principles such as scale, style, or color. Some rooms can boast architectural details that make for great focal points so there is no need to create them but only emphasize them. However, if your bedroom is lacking an architectural focal point, the focal point can be created with furniture, mirror, artwork, or wall paint. But if you are looking for simple, economical changes that will yield maximum design impact you don’t necessarily need to buy furniture or even re-paint your room. Something that will beautify your room is right in front of you, or behind you..your headboard! Adding or changing your headboard can completely transform your room. You can purchase a ready-made headboard (what a myriad of options there are!) or you can get creative.



If you’re craving a non-traditional headboard, how about using reclaimed timber, shutters, or a weathered door as your headboard?  Call it recycling, upcycling, reclaiming, or salvaging. No matter how you define it, building furniture out of old wood is a major trend at the moment




You can personalize your headboard in a creative and innovative way. Try using your initials!



Having a headboard you can fill with daily messages is as easy as buying a can of chalkboard paint! Paint a headboard of your choice, or paint directly on the wall to create a headboard effect. Adding a border and visual detail helps the finished product stand out. Try creating a headboard with a stencil and chalkboard paint.



A reclaimed mirror makes for a very chic look as well. The shine of a mirror draws the eye, which you can use to your advantage when decorating a room. This very easily creates a defined focal point. A showy headboard — one with a mirror in the middle — will attract plenty of attention!


I love this textured fabric headboard. It reminds me of flower petals!

mirror headboard 



Tie a cute tufted cushion to a homemade mantel. Add framed photos of varying sizes to the mantel for a custom, creative look.  (Better Homes & Gardens via


These are some of my favorite looks. What is yours?

Thanks for reading!





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