50 Shades of Gray

In decor, gray is the new white. It is an elegant neutral that can give depth to subtle colors and makes bold tones pop. However, getting gray right is tricky. The “temperature” of a particular shade—cool or warm—can evoke very different feelings and have an enormous impact on the mood of a room.


Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when using gray.

Layer different shades of gray to give depth to the design. Applying a dark gray to one wall and lighter gray to the remaining walls will not only help create a focal point but will also add tremendous dimension. For a chic and tailored look, go monochromatic and paint trim in an even lighter shade of gray. Use shiny or brushed silver metallic accents; they visually read as a shade of gray and add texture to a room.



Enhance dark gray with bright colors. Sprinkle in accessories, furnishings, or window treatments in a vivid, saturated hue. This will create visual interest and keep the interior from seeing drab. For a fresh modern look, pair dark gray with orange or yellow.

Texture gives life to a neutral room. Incorporate luxurious fabrics, mixed materials and wood tones to keep your space from looking flat. Wallpaper an accent wall or add an area rug for instant texture.
(Restoration Hardware)
Lastly, make sure to introduce plenty of light sources.  Allow plenty of natural light into the room and layer the lighting with different light sources. Position lights throughout the space at varying heights by using a mixture of table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and pendants.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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