Underappreciated Beauty

I don’t venture into Lower Manhattan very often, but today I was excited to hop on the 4 train down to the Brooklyn Bridge stop. I was heading to the courthouse at 60 Centre Street to finally file my business license! After a quick jaunt I arrived at the steps of a massive classically designed building. I began to feel like I was on an episode of Law and Order 😉


After doing some research on the building, I discovered that it was the first major commission for architect Guy Lowell from Boston who was also charged with the design of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Philips Academy at Andover, MA. He also served as landscape architect for the gardens of Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan.


Beautiful classic dome rotunda. The general theme of the vestibule ceiling is the administration of justice. The rotunda is entitled “Law Through the Ages” and it depicts pivotal developments in the history of the law.


Beautiful marble inlay floor


Old courthouse files…

Now, time to head to work!

Have a great Tuesday!

xo, Jennifer


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